Eran Ben-Dor, CTO at E.R. RimoniX Technologies Ltd.

Eran and I founded SezA Ltd. at the year of 2000 after 2 extensive years of entrepreneurship collaboration in the field of new products.
we worked together until 2003 and still collaborate on different issues from time to time.
Eran was the energy generator of the company, full with creative ideas and a fantastic way to combine different fields, areas and ideas to work together and create a project that is bigger than the sum of it’s parts.
His devotion to the long process in the way to the end goal, without neglecting any detail, combined with his “super human approach”, care and fairness was inspiring.
I strongly recommend Eran as a reliable and honest partner who has this rare combination of good qualities we always wish to find in one person.
— Eran Ben-Dor