Marc Gold, MS GOLD Business Owner

Eran’s insightful coaching put my life and career back on track after losing momentum and direction more than 30 years into my career. Meeting with Eran becomes an amazing journey of self-discovery, of revelation. Our conversations allowed me to visualize my own shortfalls, conflicting objectives, destructive habits, debilitating paradigms - opening my mind to the misconceptions and fears that were preventing me from succeeding on the level that I wished.

As a public speaker Eran shares his model for personal discovery and growth with eye-opening clarity in an amazing, soul-searching presentation that cleverly guides his audience towards a heightened level of self-awareness that leaves one reassured, hopeful and thirsting for more.

I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to meet with Eran. It’s a life-changing, self-confirming experience that puts the possibility of success and personal satisfaction well within reach.
— Marc Gold