Conforty Coaching offers a unique methodology that will help your company develop a powerful sales and marketing system for your business that delivers measurable results to your bottom line.

The system was developed by Eran Conforty based on his extensive experience as a a Major in the IDF Special Forces, as an entrepreneur and real estate developer . 


There is only one certainty in life, and that is, who you choose to be in any given set of circumstances.
— E.C.

About Eran Conforty

Eran Conforty is a certified professional coach from iPEC - Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching

He has a  Master of Science in Management (MSM) from Boston University and a Bachelors of Design from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

He is a retired Major from the IDF Special forces and his 24 years of international business experience spans a number of industries from advertising and design to real estate development, marketing strategy and sales.

Eran holds a 15th Dan black belt from Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Japan and is a certified instructor.

He blends his military, martial arts and business experience into a unique coaching system that brings clarity, focus and measurable results to his clients.

Key accomplishments

  • President of a real estate development company developing $200 million worth of projects in Manhattan, NY.

  • Developer of an award winning 4 star boutique Hotel in Manhattan , NY.

  • VP marketing for PolyPak America, developed market strategy and branding which increased Internet sales by 230%.

  • Executive producer of “Swimmers” a Sundance film festival finalist in 2005.

  • Creative director and gold medal winner for best ad campaign for the Israeli National AIDS Awareness campaign.

  • Major (retired) – Commander of a Special Forces Unit – IDF

  • Certified Martial Arts Instructor – 10th dan black belt in Ninjutsu.

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A transformative coaching system that brings you results.

For any transformation to occur in an organization the leadership team needs to be clear on where they are, where they want to go, and why.

Step 1 - Empty

In order to create change we invite our clients to explore the ways of thinking that brought them the results they currently have. In order to have different results, they are invited to first "empty their cup". In other words, I invite them to let go of their thought patterns and create a space that is empty of past influences. In this empty space we have a fertile ground to create a new future that is not predicated by the results of the past.

Step 2- Ignite

According to  a recent study by Gallup, 71% of American employees "check out" once they clock in. The reason is that most of them are emotionally disengaged from what they are doing.  This phenomenon is directly responsible for a loss of $230 billion a year in productivity.  Also reported was that 50% of employees lack a sense of purpose and would quit tomorrow if they could.

In this important step we help our clients connect to their sense of purpose and have a clear " Why" I am doing what I am doing. This empowers them to have a compass with which they can wake up every morning with a fire burning inside and the ability to successfully navigate the uncertain waters of business and life and motivate others to follow their lead. In this step, we work with our clients to define their mission statement and discover how it will serve as their moral and strategic business compass.

Step 3 - Create

Once clients have a clear sense of direction, we work with them to develop their marketing strategy, and subsequent execution plan with clear steps to accomplish their goals. 

Step 4 - Play

This is where the rubber meets the road and our clients get to execute their plan. In the Special Forces we used to say that a plan is always the basis for change.  Be ready for your plan to change once you go to execute it. Don’t get attached to the plan. Be open to always evaluate your assumptions, keep tabs on what is happening in the market place, and adjust course accordingly. Remember that your strategic plan is just a means to an end and that is, to accomplish your defined goals. In this important step we also establish accountabilities so that everyone on the team knows what is expected from them, how we measure our progress and how to communicate effectively.

 Step 5 - Learn

Once step 4 is implemented, we encourage our clients to measure and analyze their results so as to enable the organization to learn and continually grow . The lessons learned from what is working and not working are then implemented in furthering the improvement of the company as a whole.


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