A Zen Story

I would like to share with you a story. It is a zen story.

There was this traveler who was climbing up a mountain. It was a long and arduous climb.

After one of the bends on the trail he suddenly noticed a laborer who was sitting on the ground

A heavy mallet in one hand and chisel in the other. He was hammering the chisel on the stone and slowly breaking small pieces of it. He looked tired and beat. The traveler introduced himself and asked the man what he was doing.

The laborer looked at him and said, in a raspy voice “ what do you think I am doing? I am carving up a stone.”

He then picked up his chisel and started hammering again.

The traveler thanked him and continued up the mountain.

After another bend on the trail the traveler encountered another laborer. He too was sitting on the side of the road dressed in the same disheveled clothes like the laborer down the mountain.

He too was chipping at a big stone with a chisel and a hammer. But this laborer was different.

He was whistling while he was chiseling and it looked like he was playing a tune with his chisel on the stone. He looked happy and smiled at the traveler as he approached.

The traveler smiled back and introduced himself and then asked the man what he was doing.

The laborer looked at him and smiled “ why, he said, I am building me a temple”.

 If you stop to think about it, we as people, attach meaning to everything we do and to the things people tell us, in fact the very basis of language is the meaning we attach to the words so we can express ourselves.

The meaning we attach to things, words or events are directly correlated to the quality of our life. As this zen story depicts, two people can be doing the same thing, but the meaning they attach to their actions brings them a total different experience of life.


Business and Life

If  you come to think of it, business is about life, it is an expression of the people that created it. It is a product of an entrepreneur’s imagination. 

To most people, business is the job they have to go to every day to survive their lives.

Business, to most people is where they would least like to be if they want to really have fun.

In short, to most people, business is like carving stones, arduous and dusty, something they need to do to pay the bills.

I propose, that business can be the most creative and challenging endeavor that we can undertake, it can be about creating wellbeing, empowering people, making a profit and having fun. It can be about making a difference in people’s lives. It can be about building temples for humanity. But first we need to stop surviving life.